KadazanDusun group is the largest indigenous group in Sabah. They are actually a collectivity of ethnic groups speaking similar languages and dialects as well as having similarities in culture and traditional beliefs. Within this group there exists at least 10 distinct languages with possibly 30 or more dialects.

There are some people of this KadazanDusun group who prefer to call themselves Dusun, while others particularly in the Penampang/Papar areas prefer the term Kadazan. Many others however prefer to call themselves by tribal names such as Lotud, Rungus, Orang Sungai (River People), Kuijau, Tambanuo etc.

The KadazanDusun are mainly found on the west coast from Kudat to Sarawak border and in the interior areas of Ranau, Tambunan and Keningau. They are traditionally farmers occupying the fertile plains of the west coast and the interior. The majority of the KadazanDusun peoples are Christian while many also profess Islam with some still classed as pagans.

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