Pulau Sapi or Sapi Island has one of the nicest beaches and is the smallest island in the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park. It’s only approximately 15 minutes boat transfer from Jesselton Point jetty (town) or 10 minutes from Sutera Harbour to the island.

Enjoy its clean white sand and crystal clear water and coral reefs fringing the shoreline makes it ideal for swimming, snorkelling and diving. Day-use facilities include a jetty, picnic shelters, barbecue pits, tables, changing rooms and toilets. Snorkelling gears and fins available for rent at RM 5 to RM 10 per pair, with a refundable RM 40 deposit, limited lockers also available for rent to store valuables.

Sapi Island is said the best island for snorkelling and there’s no sharp rock as seen in Mamutik Island. However, visitors commented the island is often crowded due to it’s small beach size.

Sapi Island Photos

There are crab-eating monkeys on the island and other smaller birds that may frequently be seen. The magnificent white-bellied sea eagle which is among the finest of its species in the world has its nest on Sapi Island and may often be found soaring through the skies.

Sapi Island Activities
Apart from Snorkeling in Sapi Island, the other activities you may enjoy includes Sea Walking, para-sailing and scuba diving.

Sapi Island Accommodation
There’s no hotel or resort in Sapi Island. However, camping is allowed with the permission of the Park Warden. Remember to bring mosquito repellent if you intend to stay a night on the island.

Sapi Island Map

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  1. Tan Chee Kid says:

    HI there,

    How can I apply for the camping permission?


  2. leon says:


    Where can I hire camping gear ?

    Fine regards,


  3. Alum kompom says:

    IS fishing allowed at this island???

  4. reshma khan says:

    how much the rate..???

  5. Anne says:

    how much is the rental of snorkelling equipment in Manukan, Mamutik & Sapi island? how much is the ticket for return transfer from Jesselton Jetti to these islands? How much is the lunch set served in these island? do they have buffet or ala carte?

  6. johnny says:

    I am planning a day trip to sapi island on the 3rd September 2011. my group consist of 6 adults & 1 child (2 years old). how can we get there from Kota Kinabalu?


  7. Ashley Au says:


    I am planning to visit Sabah (KK) for about a week (with children age 7 and 11) at the end of December or beginning of January 2012. Could you please suggest a few places (island) for snorkeling? Please also provide details like accommodation, transportation from KK to the island and is it a good season to do snorkeling?


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