Pulau Mamutik is the nearest island to Kota Kinabalu and the smallest of the five islands of the Park. Very popular because of its proximity, Pulau Mamutik is usually frequented during weekends. Visit Mamutik Island during weekdays to enjoy greater privacy by avoiding the crowds. Mamutik Island is famous for its nice white beach and unspoiled corals.

Mamutik Island

On week-days, the island is practically deserted and visitors can enjoy the island’s beaches in privacy. Pulau Mamutik has many shelters erected by the park authorities for visitors and it has fresh water from a well. It has a jetty, a three bedroom rest house for rent and staff quarters for the Rangers stationed there. Facilities include changing rooms, toilets, picnic shelters, tables and barbecue pits. Fresh water and electricity are available.

Mamutik Island Photo

Mamutik would be an ideal venue to get away from it all. The corals to the north-eastern tip of the island are quite interesting. The beach is rocky and swimmers must be careful of sea urchins that exist in large numbers beside the corals and rocks. Facing Tanjung Aru Beach Hotel, the beach to the right of the jetty would be a good place for those who are not every good swimmers.

The trail around the island is easy and pleasant and it can be completed in twenty minutes.

Camping in Mamutik Island
Campers and visitors staying overnight on the islands are advised to bring insect repellents to keep away mosquitoes. Mosquito coils may also be useful. Tents are available for rental for RM40 per tent which come with a blanket. The cafe / shop are closed at 4PM. Last boat return to Kota Kinabalu leaves at 5PM.

Mamutik Island Map

8 Responses
  1. aieda says:

    hi there,

    Is there any accommodation that I can stay/overnite there at either Mamutik Island,Manukan Island,Sapi Island or Gaya Island?

    Your response appreciated.

  2. Darren says:

    Ya…there is plenty of trees around the island, and i can offer you one of my best tree for you to overnight. RM5 + ( Free 1 Mosquito Coil ) for you. You can hang it up besides the branches and sleep peacefully ever after. If you would like to add breakfast, dinner, lunch on it, that will be RM15, we have a lot of many for you to choose. From Banana Cuisines, Goreng Pisang, pisang goreng, or fried pisang…for booking please send a msg to +60167513994. Please book now before it is too late, most of the trees has fully booked. Trees are limited!!

  3. Mike says:

    Hi Mike,

    Please book one nice trees for me, me and my family of 4 will be heading to this wonderful island next week. Please book me a nice trees of 5 with mos coil ya…please mail me at my email: MikePaula80@yahoo.com


  4. nurul afifa says:

    tree???can we sleep there???my group plan to go there…i need help…

  5. Roderickson says:

    You guys are joking izzit? I really want to book a place there, any suggestions?

  6. tulipz says:

    i went to mamutik island early this year…
    there’s no resort/hotel so you have to resort to camping..
    i slept in tent..when i went there, it was a bit windy…
    so we had to move our tents several time to find a good spot..
    i’ll check with my friend whether you can rent a tent there.

  7. sakinah sable says:


    can i apply camping permission ?????


  8. anna says:

    i wanted to ask whether i had to book or pay for camping at Mamutik? my friends & i would like to stayover night there..
    is there any restaurant/bar /lounge open during the night?
    cause, if we’ re to camp, it would be boring if there is no any entertainment during the night there..

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