Pulau Gaya is the largest island of the Park. It derived its name from the Bajau word “Gayo” which means big. Several ridges, rising more than 600 feet and peaking at 1,000 feet, form the backbone of the 3,665 acres Pulau Gaya. It has 16 miles of shoreline with beaches ranging from fine white sandy to pebbly, and mudflats, mangrove and sandstone cliffs.

The major beach area in Police Beach, a quarter mile of fine white sand sloping gently into the bay making it ideal for swimming in usually crystal clear water. The coral reefs along the entire coast of the island are in excellent condition.

Gayana Eco Resort

Gayana Eco Resort offers 44 luxury over water villas. There’s villas with jungle view, ocean view and the Mount Kinabalu Mount view. Rates start from USD 240 per villa per night.
Official Website: http://www.gayana-eco-resort.com/gayana_site/

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